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Pest Control in Singapore - Pest Technology

Xterm Pest control  company in Singapore



Xterm, a trusted and professional pest control termite baiting system carried by Sumitomo Chemical, is designed for pest control company in Singapore like us to use to help you defeat termites at your home and office!

Termatrac pests control company in Singapore


Termatrac T3i solution includes a Remote Thermal Sensor, Termite Control Detection Radar and Moisture Sensor, coupled with Data Storage & Reporting system. This is the most advanced termite detection device globally and used by pests control company in Singapore. We iPest Management uses it in our day-to-day operations.

Why Choose Us

Pest control Singapore

iPest Management is a professional and affordable pest control management company that provides a cheap and yet effective pest control in Singapore. Our solutions provide treatment for ants, termites, bed bugs, mouse and rats, pet ticks, cockroaches’ infestation, and other pests services.

We utilize only the latest technology to remove and eradicate all pests and to prevent new infestations brought on by the pests’ offspring. Our staff are competent, reliable and friendly and we have spent many hours training them in pest treatments. Our pest control Singapore tactics and techniques comply with both local and international safety, health and environmental concerns.

Our wide range of pests control management services includes termites control and eradication, bed bugs cleaning and removal, cockroaches removal, rodents control, pets ticks (dogs and cats usually) and many more. For landed properties or commercial building owners, we also offer services such as the removal of dangerous pests such as snakes, hornets, bees and many more.

Your house is one of the most important expensive purchase you will make in your entire life. Unfortunately, termites and other pests will not respect this due to their high appetite for wood/food. These annoying pests can very quickly eat out your external and internal wooden structures causing huge damage. Fortunately, with our advance termites control & baiting services that are second to none, we can help you!

Pests control in Singapore

Our Termatrac T3i’s functionalities include check, detect, track and ultimately kill the pests. We use the termites’ own biology to work against themselves and kill their entire colony in an environmentally friendly way. For buildings or offices that are yet to be constructed or built, Our Pests control in Singapore can be there to work with your builder to ensure your new premise is pest-free!

Singapore Pest Control cockroaches

Singapore Pest Control Specialist

iPest Management presents ourselves as Singapore pest control specialists mainly eradicating bed bugs and termites which damages the residential and commercial premises and causes headaches to property owners all the time.

Bed Bugs Control

Bed Bugs Control

Bed bugs is a huge problem in Singapore. We always say that bed bugs will not happen to me. It only happens to those staying in rental flats. However, this is not true. Bed bugs can affect everyone! Contact pests control Singapore to know what are the chances of entering bed bugs into the home.

termite control Singapore iPest

Termites Control

We conduct regular intervals inspection to your office as well as residence. Once the treatment is done, we will also follow up with you on a post-treatment inspection. We recommend all landed properties (even cluster landed properties) to do a routine inspection for termites at least once every 6 months.

Common Pest Control

We do common pest control like Ants Control, Biting Insects Control, Cockroaches Control, Mosquitoes Control, Rats Control, Termite Control, etc at affordable charges. We make sure of quality pest control for long lasting protection for your buildings. Contact iPest Management, The best Singapore pests control to washout all the pests and have a healthy life!

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