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Advanced Bed Bugs Control Methods 2024


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Bed bugs control is a huge problem in Singapore. We’re sure you’ve encountered yourselves or perhaps you’ve had friends or relatives who’d told you horrid stories about bed bugs affecting their homes and lives, turning it upside down!

It is true that bed bugs is a very common pest issue 30-40 years ago. However, it doesn’t mean that it is not a problem now. There are still many bed bugs issues affecting many people in Singapore. Did you know that bed bugs are blood sucking insects? Sounds scary right? Leave all your work and do bed bug control first if you found even a single bed bug because it multiples in short period of time and makes hard to live. These bed bugs bites us at night because we are sleeping at night and inactive. So how these bed bugs work is that they will detect carbon dioxide emitting out of our body. They also come towards our body because of the heat coming out of our body in the cool of the night. As such, the moment we lie on the bed to rest for the night, they will come crawling to us! Sounds creepy right?






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Bed bugs are one of the most dangerous pests in the world because all other pests do not directly attack humans where as these bed bugs sucks human blood and create health issues. So once bed bugs are found anywhere in the house it is important to call pest control services to your home on priority. Remember do not show carelessness as it is not grown in numbers. If a single bed bug is seen, it needs your attention.

Recent research on bed bugs Singapore and how it comes into our houses?

Many of us are perturbed. How does bed bug come into our house? We vacuum and mop our house once every few days. It is kept spick and span! Did you know that bed bugs do not just appear on its own just because you did not clean your house for a few days? It doesn’t work like that! The likely situation is that you or your family members transported them back home without even you knowing it. If you have been to places that is infested with bed bugs and stayed over there for just a single night (think about hotels, hostels, chalets, even a stay-over at your friend’s house), it only takes 1 female bed bug to deposit a few eggs into your luggage. Once you transport the bed bugs home, that is it! The infestation will start. Soon, you will see bed bugs all over your room, and finally, all around your house! Read more about Bed Bugs Singapore General History and why it is in my home?

Why are bed bugs so scary?

Did you know that bed bugs can have a total of 300-500 eggs impregnated by a single bug? Eggs will start hatching anytime between 1 week to 12 days. Before you know it, you have thousands of bed bugs crawling around your house. Sounds scary right? Their rate of multiplication is insane! Bed bugs require their daily blood meal to moth to the next stage and finally reaching adult stage. The worst part? An adult bed bug can survive for up to half a year without blood. Think about it! Even if you manage to not allow a single bed bugs to suck your blood, they can still live up to 6 months! 

How to spot bed bugs in your house?

  • Have you seen bed bugs on your bed? Duh!
  • Do you have red and swollen patches resulting from a bite on your hands, back or leg?
  • Did you see multiple blood spots on your bed sheets? You could have crushed them to death when you were asleep
  • Have you spotted black color spots at the side of your bed? These could be their poo-poo.

People frequently bring bed bugs with them when they travel from affected areas. Bed bugs move via the folds and seams of baggage, overnight bags, folded clothing, beds, furniture, and other places they might hide themselves. Most people do not realize they are carrying stowaway bed bugs as they go from one place to another, contaminating neighborhoods as they go. Bed bug control is not a easy task because bed bugs are masters of hiding. Even without a blood meal, their flat, slender bodies allow them to squeeze into the smallest spaces and stay there for long periods of time. 

How to do a cost-effective bed bugs control Singapore 2024?

How to get rid of bed bugs in Singapore effectively, thoroughly and most importantly, without burning a big hole in your wallet? We can help you! Our bed bugs removal service includes conducting a thorough inspection of your entire house (from the entrance of the house, to the balcony and the false ceiling) to detect for the source of bed bugs. Some common places where bed bugs live at includes underneath your mattresses, behind your bed frames, behind your TV console (think of the heat from this area), on top of your false ceiling and many other possible areas!

Do not get back to spending your small income on bed bugs removal because your health is priceless. iPest technicians will do a thorough spray spray with approved pesticides. We will apply on all possible locations where the bed bugs could be at. We will do this 2 times every week for 4 consecutive weeks. By then, the bed bugs would surely have been eradicated. We also strongly advise you to vacuum the place after the completion of our bed bugs treatment. This is to eradicate all possible eggs and to prevent the bed bugs from coming back again. Do properly dispose this bag once it is done. You do not want the bed bugs to crawl to your neighbor’s house, do you?

Remove bed bugs, Unsure of the pest type?

remove bed bugs

Is it a bed bugs? It does not look like a bed bug after you’ve done an initial Google search. Fret not! Just call us for a free consultation to remove bed bugs! We will head down to your premise on a complimentary (1-time) service to check for you and advise you on the next steps. You can also use this to gauge our punctuality, eagerness to work, and most important, our professionalism and cost to do the work for you. Read also our article about bed bugs control 2024 and how they enter into your home. 

Useful tips to remove bed bugs from your home

  • Always keep clean your home and bedrooms from garbage and other unnecessary goods.
  • Keep windows and doors open in the daytime and let the fresh air comes into your home.
  • To remove bed bugs frequently check your beds and pillows and wash bed covers at regular time intervals.
  • Do not keep unwashed clothes in your bedrooms as it creates bad smells and makes way to form all types of insects.
  • Be more alert in the winter and rainy seasons as there are more risks to form bed bugs compared to the summer season.
  • There are many good smells that bed bugs dislike really. Lemon, peppermint, or lavender all work well to remove bed bugs. Use a smell you enjoy when spraying your clothing, mattress, or baggage. Go with what suits you best.
  • Check your bags and luggage thoroughly when you come from travelling, because sometime we carry bed bugs while travelling from outside to our home.  

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Go For Bed bugs removal Now!

So do you want to get rid of bed bugs once and for all? Yet, you do not want to pay over the mountains and burn a big hole in your pocket. What should you do now? Get a Free Quotation from leading Bed Bugs Removal Singapore services and also have a discussion with top bed bugs examinator 2024.

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