How To Get Rid Of Termites Effectively?

Termites Control Having termites infestation lately? Today we are going to show ways about termites control and how you can get rid of termites effectively. Before knowing how you can get rid of termites effectively, we first need to understand how termites infestation happen.  There are 3 common types of termites in Singapore: the Subterranean Termites,  Dampwood Termites and Drywood Termites. 

The Subterranean Termites 

These termites live underground, in any area that is moist and secluded areas above the ground and the colony can grow as many as 2 million. These termites’ main food source is anything that contains cellulose. For example: wood, paper and drywall, etc.     

Dampwood Termites

The dampwood termites usually can be found on decaying wood on the ground. Often feeds on cellulose materials such as furniture with high moisture content. 

Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites do not need moisture from the soil. Instead, they make their nest through excavating into the wood. Drywood Termites can be found in things such as walls, sliding doors, kitchen cabinets as well as furniture.

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Ways To Get Rid Of Termites Effectively

Termites Control in Singapore There are multiple ways adopted for termite control in Singapore, the use of repellent, biological products, worms, borate treatment, liquid treatment, baiting and fumigation. 

The use of Repellent

The use of repellent is able to create a barrier around the infected area that will then allow the current termites not to be able to create new entry points. As they are unable to leave the infected area. Which will then cause dehydration as they are unable to get their food sources until they eventually die. This is a slow method. It might take time to show some results. 

The use of Biological Product

With the use of biological products such as natural fungus can be placed near the infected area so that it’s able to infect the termites over a short period of time. This infection spreads within the colony at a fast rate and poses very little risk to other users and to the environment. Which will kill the termites colony at a fast rate. 

The use of Worms

Living worms such as nematodes can eat termites from the inside out. Yes, I know it sounds scary but it works. They will eat the termites inside out, thus killing them in the process.  This is a good method for a small and constrained infestation within a small area. Once the worm has been eaten by the termites, the worms can start eating it inside out. Once the infected termites dies; around 100,000 nematodes are able to emerge from the infected termite and start seeking for a new host within the colony.

The use of borate treatment

The use of borate is usually the use for newly constructed homes or houses that were just repaired or refurbished. Borate is usually applied to the wood being used in construction. Since the termites are unable to digest wood and rely on the protozoa in their tract to break it down and extract nutrients for them; the use of sodium borate is very useful as it destroys these vital protozoa until it reaches the digestive system of the termites; the termites are eventually killed by starvation.

The use of liquid treatment

There are many liquid treatments available on the market; these solutions are poured into the soil that forms around the slabs or foundations on which the termites reside. Liquids in use differ in terms of the toxicity and odor levels. There are  multiple liquid chemicals available and it can be either pyrethroids or organophosphates. It is best to consult termites control in Singapore or pest control before using such liquids as they each have their pros and cons. 

The use of baiting

This is typically the least poisonous approach used to destroy termites, but it has been known to be the most effective as it appears to eliminate the whole colony of termites at home. Insert tubes with the termite baiting in the grounds around the property, immediately the termites fall for the bait and begin to eat it; this strategy does not rely entirely on killing the termites on the surface. Keep track of the bait from time to time. You can also hire a professional termites control to help you place the traps so it increases the chances of success.

The use of fumigation 

In short, this is the most powerful way, and also the most severe way to get rid of termites. It is usually used to eliminate significant dry wood termite infestations. It requires the home to be cleaned and evacuated and then taped before being fumigated; the home has to be evacuated for at least 2-5 days as the gasses used for fumigation are typically poisonous and lethal. Pest Control Termites To sum up, it is best to seek consultation from a professional termites control company when exterminating the termites from the premises. One should definitely consult if there is a use of dangerous, toxic chemicals. Call 9355 0123 if you need a free consultation! Get 5 Reliable termite control services in Singapore