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In order to know what is artificial intelligence in pest management we first need to understand what is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through the use of  Singapore pest control technology and pest control software, how are companies able to capture these pests more efficiently?

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

AI Singapore Pest Control Technology

We all know that Artificial Intelligence is the future. But what is Artificial Intelligence specifically? Artificial intelligence refers to a machine being programmed to be able to think, act or behave like a human. The use of artificial intelligence has increased over the years and it’s growing in popularity over the past few years. 

The Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Pest Management.

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Through the use of artificial intelligence in pest management, companies have been able to create high tech traps that are able to capture the pest more effectively and efficiently. With the use of Pest Control Technology, companies are able to gather more informative data about the pest, so that they are able to make a plan and capture the pest more effectively and efficiently. 

For example – a Smart Rodent surveillance and control system. Through the use of Internet Of Things (IOT) smart traps and cameras to catch rodents. Using cameras they are able to know where these rodents are coming from and what is their activity at night. Smart traps to be able to activate the trap remotely without the rodents even knowing! 

Unlike conventional rodent traps, the trapper has to check the trap and the bait in order to find out if the rodent has been caught in the trap. Through the use of Smart Rodent surveillance and control system the trapper is able to track using a computer if the sensor is being activated. 

The number of rodents to catch per trap has also increased, conventional traps used to catch 1 rodent per trap, as rodents are smart creatures they are able to learn and adapt quickly. With the use of pest control technology and pest control software, the user is able to outsmart the rodents and at the same time capture more rodents per trap.

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How Does Artificial Intelligence Help In Pest Management?

Artificial intelligence is able to help pest management through the use of collecting more useful data effectively and efficiently. Getting these data, they are able to understand the trends of the pest well. To show a better understanding on the growth rate, activity rate and how these pests behave on a daily basis. This data is able to clearly identify the problem clearer. Therefore, they are able to plan and take relevant actions faster as compared to manual. 

Back in July of 2018, Pestech Holding(S) Pte Ltd (Pestech) and Singapore Management University (SMU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to apply artificial intelligence on rodent sensors data analytics. 

Pestech will be providing their knowledge and skills in the IoT sensors, web-based rodent activity heatmap with sensor data analytics as well as a wireless data acquisition at the same time providing their experience in pest management business. 

While, LiveLabs Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform provided its resources and capabilities in location based solutions and data analytics into the project. 

The Future For Pest Management And How Is It Going To Be Beneficial To The Industry.

The future for the pest management industry is going to grow over the next few years as Singapore Pest Control Technology is going to be much better, faster and much more efficient in eliminating pests. Therefore, we can see an increasing growth over the next few years not just on the technology and software side of things but at the same time providing an efficient system that is able to save time and effort to catching these pests. This means that the cost of making a trap will be cheaper, as the technology advances in developing these traps. These traps are going to be more cost-effective as technology advances. Since, these traps are going to be made more cost effective. This means that the traps are going to be more accessible industry wide providing a more cost effective solution then the current solutions available in the market.

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