Creepy crawlies, big or small, never fail to send some of us into a screeching frenzy when spotted – whether they’re sneaky lizards waiting to attack or ants crawling all over that cake you’ve been saving for dessert. Most often, people will turn to pest control company in Singapore. However, how many of them are effective in the removal of termites? So, this is where Xterm® comes in handy, our all-around defence against termites. The Xterm® Termite Baiting System is the trusted non invasive and environmentally friendly termite control in Singapore. The termites get baited, and their colonies get eliminated without drilling into a building’s structure using Xterm’s termite bait solutions. These are fast and productive. Another termite control product, Wazary 10FL, Xterm’s repellent termiticide, is effective and odourless and is approved by Singapore’s National Environmental Agency (NEA) in water catchment areas.

Termites are a threat to your home.

Every year, termites can devastate properties, such as eating important documents and attacking wooden support structures. These properties are worth millions of dollars. Traditional termiticides may entail drilling holes in the ground and injecting chemicals into the soil. These have several unintended consequences, such as disruption or property damage. When tiny termites work together, doing their dirty work behind the scenes, they do more than cause cosmetic damage; there is usually a risk of structural damage if discovered too late. Repairing this can be very expensive and time-consuming. In comparison, a pest control system is the best way to protect your home.

Why Pest Control Companies in Singapore Using Xterm?

The Xterm® Termite Baiting System is the recommended termite control method used by many top Professional Pest Companies for Termites Control in Singapore. Because conventional termiticide treatments frequently involve drilling and pumping large amounts of chemicals into the soil, there are several associated side effects such as disturbance and even property damage. On the other hand, baits are ideal for all situations, including those sensitive to insecticide use.

  • Quick procedure
    With an average expected eradication time of 4 to 6 weeks, Xterm® is the fastest termite colony eradication baiting system on the market. It gives you peace of mind by eradicating termite colonies faster.
  • Environment-friendly
    Xterm® uses Sumitomo Chemical’s product, specially designed to be safer for your home, children, and pets. Have peace of mind and confidently protect your home and it is an effective for any type of termites control.
  • Demonstration of efficiency
    Xterm® is the proven method for eliminating termite colonies, typically located deep in the ground away from the building the termites are attacking.
  • No-drill installation
    Most Above Ground bait stations can be mounted with adhesive tape, while In-Ground bait stations get inserted into pre-dug cavities surrounding a landed property.

How does Xterm work?

Termite Control in Singapore

Even when there is a plentiful supply of alternative foodstuff in the area, the bait attracts termites to the bait stations to feed. The slow-acting insect growth regulator contained within Xterm® is then returned to the nest and distributed throughout the colony before taking effect. It allows the result to reach the Queen and King as well. In other words, Xterm® aims for the colony’s heart.

Xterm® provides a professional-looking, cleaner, non-messy formulation that is simple to install, service, and monitor. On a side note, read our blog on how termites can destroy your $3million dollars home!

Pest Control – Concepts for Baiting Termites

Termite baiting systems take advantage of termites’ natural behaviour. Termites, as social insects, share their food in a process known as trophallaxis. Slow-acting toxicants transferred through the colony as a result of this trait. The toxicant’s action must be slow enough to allow the termites to feed, return to their nest, and share before it takes effect. The system attracts termites to a readily accessible feeding station containing a suitable bait matrix. The bait is delivered back to the nest, which is the key to this concept. Over time, the slow-acting toxicant will have reduced the population to a point where it can no longer sustain the colony, which eventually becomes “sick” and dies.

Pest Control in Singapore

Application of a Ground Baiting System

Subterranean termites active in the soil around a landed property can be intercepted and fed by the Xterm® IG (In-Ground) Baiting system, after which they will return to their nest and share the bait with their nestmates, resulting in the colony’s extinction.

Pests Control company in Singapore

What are the warning signs?

  • Swarmers in or around the house, particularly near light sources following rain.
  • Mud shelters on foundations or other walls that run from the ground up into the home.
  • Wings have strewn about near doors and windows.
  • Paint that has begun to bubble on wood surfaces makes a hollow sound when knocked.
  • Termite gnawing and knocking against wood surfaces create acoustic signals.

It is always preferable to have quick, immediate, and proper treatments to get rid of unwanted guests. Construct a happy home that is termite-free. Use an environmentally friendly and family-friendly termite control solution to protect your home. If you’re amid a pest infestation that won’t go away, the best thing you can do is call a pest management service like Xterm®. It’s time for Xterm®, the termite bait system that eliminates termite colonies without the use of chemicals or drilling into foundation floors. It intends to halt termite growth by killing the colony from within, giving you and your family peace of mind. So, instead of devising your pest control methods, relax, and let the professionals handle it. They’ll make sure that your homes are pest-free for good! Contact an authorised installer right away and request the Xterm® termite bait system.

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